1. Even Ole Abel Lorentsen born 30 DEC 1859, Rødøy. To US in the spring of 1884 with his mother Elen Katrine Pedersen born 5 OCT 1820 Lien, Lurøy, wife of Lorents Christian Theting Østensen, born 1 APR 1823, died 1882 Gjerval, Rødøy.

2. Esten Mathias Nilsen, born 26 JAN 1850, Vatne, Lurøy. To Seattle in 1887. Lived 1914 in Everett ?, WA.

3. Anne Sofie Korsvold born 6 AUG 1876, Bygstad, Sunnfjord, from Bergen 18 MAY 1905 to Denver USA, died in DEC 1909, USA. Was possibly married in USA to Abraham Christenson, born 1874, Indre Holmedal, Sunnfjord, emigrated 16 MAR 1893, or 28 MAY 1895, from Bergen. Mr. Jess C. Christenson who lived in Limon, Colorado (born 3 Oct 1909, died 13 Apr 1993), was their son.   

4. Oleane (Anna) Nikoline Gundersen born 31 DEC 1875, Sygnen, Sande, Sunnfjord, emigrated from Bergen 12 SEP 1910. She married a Norwegian/Scandinavian farmer in the US. It is told that she died early at the farm when attending a stove that got into an extensive fire.